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Pegotec stands as a beacon of professionalism and dedication in the tech industry. Our team, a collective of experienced and driven professionals, is committed to ensuring that our clients are always thrilled with the quality and efficiency of our service. Our portfolio is not just about us—it’s about you and your success.

We are a Team and your Partner – We are Creating Business Solutions

Pegotec is a team of experienced and motivated professionals. We want our clients always to be 100% satisfied with the quality and efficiency of our service. Our portfolio focuses on you and what you need to be successful in achieving your own goals. 

We create high-quality and modern IoT solutions to develop your business effectively. Your business is unique; your website or app should be, too. Our services are tailored specifically to your business needs. 

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Pegotec History


Pedro Gorrin Diaz and Tobias Rast founded Pegotec in Kathmandu, Nepal 2013.

We started with a small team of developers and successfully finished our first projects. In June 2017, we opened a second office in Singapore that became our headquarters. Since 2018, we have had representatives in Cambodia, India, and the Philippines. 2022 the Sri Lanka office opened.

Pegotec is a fast-growing company working with intense work corporate ethics. We have worked closely and with commendable results with international organizations: UNICEF, WFP, UNFPA, USAID, GIZ, and Save the Children.


Pegotec is currently present in 7 countries:

  • Singapore (Headquarters)
  • Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Makati City, Philippines
  • Kathmandu, Nepal
  • Surat, India
  • Colombo, Sri Lanka
  • Berlin, Germany

Our official company language is English, but we also have native German, Spanish, Nepali, Hindi, and Khmer speakers.

Pegotec Office Map
The Pegotec Team

The Pegotec Team

Our international team has various technical backgrounds and a high commitment. They share awesome ideas and dedicate all necessary time to fulfill any duty.

Pegotec team members are creative thinkers who use up-to-date technology, apply all their knowledge and ethical responsibility, fulfill tasks on time, and create confidence and trustworthy relations with the clients.

The Problem Solvers and Innovators

Beyond just a team, Pegotec is a powerhouse of creative problem solvers. We live by the belief that there are no problems, only solutions. We meet every challenge head-on, using our diverse skills, innovative strategies, and the most advanced technology to engineer the best outcomes. To us, every stumbling block is a stepping stone to yet-undiscovered creative potential. Through an iterative, solution-focused approach, we translate complex problems into simple, workable solutions that propel our clients’ businesses forward. In this manner, we create a realm where obstacles become opportunities and creativity flourish. At Pegotec, we are not just problem solvers but your catalysts for success.