Deeply embedded in Pegotec’s ethos is our belief in technology’s transformative power. As tech trailblazers, we stand as more than just a firm. We are agents of change, ceaselessly crafting groundbreaking software solutions that propel businesses to new heights of success. Excellence, integrity, and collaboration form our operational backbone. We strive to offer a dynamic, rewarding career path for professionals. We’re particularly keen on those based in the vibrant heart of Kathmandu or Phnom Penh. Pegotec is offering Career Opportunities.

Open Positions

Project Coordinator in Phnom Penh

UI Developer and Backend Developer in Nepal

Join the Innovation Revolution in Kathmandu or Phnom Penh

Our mission is both clear and thrilling. We aim to expand our dedicated team with creative software developers based in Kathmandu or Phnom Penh. We are on the lookout for innovators. Those who challenge, think, create, and want to make a mark on the tech landscape. We invite you to join us. Let’s redefine tech boundaries together and shape the future of the industry.

Shape Your Career and the Tech Industry

Being a software developer at Pegotec, Kathmandu or Phnom Penh, unveils exciting projects. You’ll work across various industries. Whether it’s creating scalable web applications, designing user-friendly interfaces, or developing complex algorithms, your role will be vital. Your work will not only mold our products but also influence the whole tech industry.

Cultivate Knowledge and Innovation

Our Kathmandu and Phnom Penh-based Pegotec team promotes constant learning and growth. We recognize the need for continuous evolution in our fast-paced industry. Hence, we equip our team members with the necessary tools and resources. This supportive environment encourages collaboration, driving innovation and broadening horizons.

Enjoy Creativity, Collaboration, and Rewards – Career Opportunities

At Pegotec, Kathmandu or Phnom Penh, creativity, teamwork, and a strong work ethic are not just important. They’re paramount. As part of our commitment to our employees, we offer competitive pay and flexible work arrangements and provide a nurturing work environment. This particular environment is designed to promote collaboration and personal growth. Furthermore, we place a high value on diverse perspectives because we believe that they are the catalysts that fuel our innovative approach.

Embark on an Exciting Challenge

For seasoned software developers in Kathmandu or Phnom Penh seeking a new challenge, Pegotec is the answer. We can create software solutions that transform businesses and have a global impact.

Begin Your Pegotec Journey – Career Opportunities

Interested candidates based in Kathmandu or Phnom Penh should send their applications and CV to We look forward to welcoming you to the Pegotec family. A career at Pegotec is more than just a job; it’s a journey filled with learning, growth, and opportunities to contribute to global innovation.