Our Services and Solutions

At Pegotec, we endeavor to maintain and optimize your online footprint, allowing you to concentrate on your principal business operations while we propel your digital advancement. Our comprehensive services encompass effective project orchestration employing Agile methodologies, emotional assistance and preservation for bespoke web-based commodities, tailormade mobile app, and website creation services. Utilizing innovative technology such as JavaScriptReact, and AngularJS, our committed crew develops user-oriented apps and websites, prioritizing security, scalability, and adaptability across various platforms. Explore how our services can bolster your business’s success. Our portfolio exhibits innovative design interpretations and customized web and mobile solutions technology.

Efficient Project Management Services

Pegotec employs Agile methodologies for efficient software project management, emphasizing collaboration and adaptability. We follow a phased approach, using Jira for transparency, perform rigorous testing, and maintain high-quality standards. Our services also include continuous support, maintenance, and proactive monitoring to ensure smooth and up-to-date applications.

Support and Maintenance Services

Pegotec offers robust support and maintenance solutions for web-based products, including scalable hosting and advanced server monitoring. We ensure the security and performance of your application with regular updates, backups, and immediate issue resolution. With extensive industry experience and knowledge of the latest technology, Pegotec allows you to focus on core business activities while we keep your application secure and optimally functioning.

Design Services from Experts

Pegotec offers expert design services, creating comprehensive software solutions while considering scalability and maintainability. With our meticulous design process and alignment with your project goals, we deliver designs that meet your needs and exceed expectations. Our professional services help elevate your digital presence, attract users, and drive business growth.

JavaScript Development Services

Firstly, our team specializes in JavaScript development services, harnessing the power of JavaScript, React, and AngularJS to create scalable and robust web applications. Secondly, we manage both client- and server-side applications, efficiently handling large data volumes with MongoDB. In addition to this, our services ensure cross-platform compatibility, resulting in an enhanced user experience. Furthermore, we prioritize efficient development, which is backed by a vibrant developer ecosystem and our unswerving commitment to innovation.

Mobile App Development Services

We provide custom mobile app development services, crafting user-friendly apps for iOS and Android platforms tailored to your business needs. We ensure compatibility with the latest devices and systems through our expertise in native and hybrid mobile app technologies. Prioritizing seamless integration and scalability, we create apps that adapt to future growth. Additionally, we offer ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your app’s sustainability and responsiveness to evolving needs.

Websites Development Services

We provide custom website development services, creating responsive, user-friendly websites tailored to each client’s needs. We deliver bespoke solutions that align with your business goals, target audience, and brand, whether an e-commerce platform, portfolio, or content management system.

Pegotecs Solutions to Boost your business

At Pegotec, we’re experts in making websites. We build custom, flexible, and easy-to-use sites that are tailored to suit the needs of our customers. We can make any type of website, from an online store, to a lively portfolio, or a detailed system for managing content. Our websites will fit perfectly with your business plans, audience, and brand. We use the latest tech, so your website will be easy to find online, fast, and will work well on mobile devices. This leads to a better experience for users and helps you leave a strong digital mark. We also offer full service support and regular changes to keep your website up-to-date, safe, and in line with the latest tech trends. Rely on Pegotec to help you achieve your online goals. You can concentrate on your main business, while we skillfully handle your move to digital.

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