Pegotec’s Collaboration with AIP for Eco-Safe Driving Application

Creating Conscious Drivers: Our Eco-Safe Driving Application

At Pegotec, we leverage technology to bring forth sustainable change. Introducing the “Asia Injury Protection (AIP) Eco-Safe Driving App” mobile application, a collaborative initiative with AIP that transforms truck drivers into conscious, eco-friendly road users.

How It Works: Real-Time Feedback and Eco-Friendly Tips

Our cutting-edge application provides real-time insights into driving habits, promoting safety and environmental stewardship. It presents crucial feedback on driving behaviors and shares tips on eco-friendly practices, thus minimizing carbon emissions and enhancing road safety.

Data-Driven Decisions: Leveraging Analytics for Training and Insights

Our application does far more than provide immediate feedback to drivers. In fact, the data it collects is meticulously analyzed to uncover underlying trends in driving patterns and fuel consumption. Consequently, this wealth of information serves as an invaluable resource, not only aiding in refining individual feedback. But it also plays a crucial role in devising more comprehensive training programs.

Proven Success: Reducing Accidents and Boosting Efficiency

With a successful deployment in Cambodia, the “AIP – Eco-Safe Driving” app has significantly reduced heavy vehicle accidents and improved fuel efficiency. It has also heightened awareness about safe driving and sustainability among its users.

Expanding Horizons: Looking Beyond Borders and Industries

Encouraged by its success, AIP and Pegotec are now exploring the possibility of extending this application to other countries and sectors.

Technology Behind the Solution: Android, Kotlin, and More in the Eco-Safe Driving App

Showcasing our innovation, our revolutionary application, meticulously crafted using Kotlin and XML, seamlessly employs Firebase, REST APIs, and geolocation technologies. Remarkably, despite its complexity, it is readily available on Android devices and, thus, caters to a diverse user base by offering Khmer and English language support.

Data Management Simplified: Our Administrative Web Application

In conjunction with the mobile application, we’ve additionally developed an administrative web application utilizing PHP and the Laravel 8.0 framework. Serving as a robust tool, this application effectively empowers AIP to manage and oversee the data harvested from the mobile app with great efficiency.

Project Information
Project Start 2022
  • Mobile App - Android (>=4.0)
  • Mobile App - Language : Kotlin (1.5.30)
  • Mobile App - Tools: Android Studio
  • Mobile App - Technologies: Firebase REST APIs Geolocation
  • Mobile App - Multi-language (Khmer & English)
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Framework: Laravel 8.0
  • Database: MySQL
  • Restful API: Laravel native support for RESTful API
  • Frontend: HTML5
  • Web application design/technology: React JS with Bootstrap material design fully responsive
Project Screenshots

Encouraging safe driving practices

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Asia Injury Protection (AIP) – Eco-Safe Driving  Asia Injury Protection (AIP) – Eco-Safe Driving  Asia Injury Protection (AIP) – Eco-Safe Driving  Asia Injury Protection (AIP) – Eco-Safe Driving 

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