Showcasing Innovation in Maintenance: The LUBCON Smart Task Control Developed by Pegotec

Initiating a New Era in Lube Management: LUBCON’s Smart Task Control and Innovation – STC

In modern production, success invariably hinges on plant availability and efficiency. Regrettably, lubrication-related failures often emerge as a substantial challenge, standing in the way of achieving these goals. Recognizing this persistent obstacle, Pegotec, an industry-leading solutions provider, embarked on a journey of innovation. To this end, we forged a partnership with LUBCON. Leveraging our collective expertise, we developed the groundbreaking lube management application – Smart Task Control.

Empowering Maintenance Operations with NFC Technology

The LUBCON Smart Task Control (STC) application is a testament to our technological prowess. It ingeniously utilizes modern Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. This cutting-edge feature is designed to assist maintenance staff in accurately executing and documenting tasks. Consequently, it streamlines the efficiency of maintenance operations.

Enhancing Security through Digital Visualization

The LUBCON Smart Task Control application serves as a catalyst for boosting security and efficiency. At the core of its features is the digital visualization of maintenance tasks. This innovative tool ensures swift, safe, and controlled task execution. Furthermore, it enhances visibility, curbs potential errors, and bolsters productivity.

Embodying the LUBCON Advantage: Reduced Downtime and Costs

The LUBCON Smart Task Control app is a remarkable maintenance solution. It effectively reduces machine downtime, trims costs, and conserves time. Thus, it exemplifies our commitment to delivering industry-focused, technology-driven solutions.

Displaying Technical Proficiency: A Project Showcase

The LUBCON Smart Task Control project, initiated in 2017 and continuing to this day, is a proud display of our expertise. It demonstrates our ability to develop tailored mobile app solutions for industry Android tablets. Moreover, the app incorporates an advanced API module, dynamic content management, and multilingual interfaces.

Ensuring Efficient Operations with User-Friendly Features

The LUBCON Smart Task Control app boasts robust file management systems and user-friendly features. These include real-time data synchronization and calendar management. NFC tag read and write capabilities and big data analysis are also integrated. These features jointly ensure optimal operational efficiency and security.

Facilitating Informed Decisions: Advanced Reporting

The application is a powerful resource, remarkably equipped with an advanced web backend reporting system and a management reporting feature. These tools work in unison to provide valuable insights. Consequently, they pave the way for Lubrication Consult GmbH to make well-informed, data-driven decisions.

Delivering Comprehensive Services

At Pegotec, we pride ourselves on offering comprehensive services for the LUBCON Smart Task Control project. Not only do we provide consistent monitoring, but we also offer targeted training, reliable hosting, and meticulous maintenance services. As a result of this well-rounded approach, we ensure seamless application performance.

Pegotec’s Role: Revolutionizing Standards in Lube Management

The LUBCON Smart Task Control application represents more than a lube management program. It’s a demonstration of Pegotec’s unwavering commitment to driving technological innovation. We’ve developed a comprehensive digital lube management solution transforming how businesses maintain their machinery. As a result, we are setting a new benchmark for operational efficiency in the industry.

Project Information
Project Start 2017 - Ongoing 
  • Development for industry Android tablets
  • Advance API module
  • Multilingual Server and Application
  • Dynamic content management
  • User Role-based access
  • Two-level user access
  • Realtime data synchronization
  • FTP for file uploads and downloads
  • Calendar management
  • NFC tag read and write
  • Big Data analysis
  • Web backend reporting
  • Management reportingMonitoring and executing multi-instance/cloud hosting
  • Training services
  • Hosting and Maintenance services
Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH  
Project Screenshots

Effective lube management application

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH   Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH   Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH   Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH   Smart Task Control (STC) – Maintenance Solution Lubrication Consult GmbH  

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