Revolutionizing Business Operations with Pegotec’s e-Storage

Pegotec, a pioneer in advanced technology solutions, is proud to introduce our innovative and efficient e-storage system developed for Delahaye Moving. This comprehensive digital storage solution exemplifies our expertise and commitment to revolutionizing business operations through tech-enabled transformations. The e-Storage platform, equipped with mobile apps and a web-based enterprise application, delivers a user-centric experience, demonstrating our attention to detail in developing easy-to-use, modern solutions.

A Fusion of Cutting-Edge Technologies in e-Commerce Solutions

Started in 2018, the project is an ongoing testament to Pegotec’s agility and adaptability in developing relevant and current e-commerce solutions. Furthermore, our technology suite used in developing e-Storage includes robust tools for Android development, comprehensive assessment of user needs and UI/UX requirements, Restful API, and integration of PDA SDK. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we can create solutions that resonate with users and provide a seamless, efficient experience.

Seamless Integration for Optimized User Experience

The e-Storage platform showcases our expertise in integrating multiple components into a unified system. It consists of a website frontend, a backend, and a PDA app, all intricately woven together to provide a comprehensive storage management solution. The result is a seamless, user-friendly, and highly efficient workflow streamlining stock delivery and storage processes.

Innovations for User Convenience and Data Accuracy

Another highlight of our e-Storage solution is the innovative GPS tracking for data entry. This feature ensures accurate and reliable data entry, even when operating entirely offline. Further enhancing the system’s usability, synchronization is made available whenever an internet connection is accessible via Wi-Fi or Mobile Data, ensuring users can always access and update their information.

Enhanced Navigation and Usability with Material Design Principles

We have also utilized material design principles with native functionality, enhancing easy navigation and usability. One of the standout features of our e-Storage solution is the barcode scanning functionality, which makes adding or tracking items as easy as scanning a code. This feature improves efficiency and reduces the chance of error in the data entry process.

Harnessing Big Data for Strategic Insights and Decision-Making

Big Data analysis and structuring of consumer data form the backbone of our e-storage solution. Additionally, the system effectively collects, organizes, and analyzes vast amounts of data to provide businesses with valuable insights. Consequently, this aids decision-making processes and helps businesses better understand their customers.

Data Reporting Functionality for Operational Transparency

Additionally, the e-Storage system provides data reporting functionality for accounting and user flow analysis. This feature enables businesses to closely monitor operations, identify patterns, and make data-driven decisions.

Comprehensive Hosting and Execution Services

Pegotec also takes pride in providing complete hosting, monitoring, and executing services for the e-Storage platform. As part of our comprehensive solution, we provide application users and management with training to ensure smooth system adoption. This makes the transition to digital storage as seamless and straightforward as possible for businesses.

Ongoing Support and Business Analyses for Business Growth

Lastly, we provide ongoing support and business analyses, affirming our commitment to providing solutions that grow with your Business. Our design support services further ensure that the e-storage platform remains aesthetically pleasing and functional as business needs evolve.

Pegotec’s Commitment to Superior e-Commerce Solutions

In conclusion, Pegotec’s e-Storage for Business is a cutting-edge digital storage solution that embodies our commitment to providing comprehensive, easy-to-use, and efficient e-commerce solutions. With our innovative approach to design, technology, and support, we empower businesses to streamline their operations and achieve superior results.

Pegotec: Ensuring Successful Project Management

Pegotec developed the e-storage solution for Delahaye Moving and took charge of the project management process. With our expertise in managing complex technology projects, we ensured the successful implementation of the e-storage system from start to finish. Our experienced project managers led the team, overseeing every aspect of the project, from requirement gathering and design to development, testing, and deployment.

Pegotec took ownership of the project management process and ensured seamless coordination and communication between all stakeholders. Moreover, our meticulous project planning and execution ensured that the e-storage solution was delivered on time, within budget, and met all the agreed-upon requirements.

Our project managers collaborated closely with Delahaye Moving’s team throughout the project. They also provided regular updates, addressed concerns, and managed any changes or challenges. This proactive approach, in turn, helped foster a strong partnership and ultimately contributed to a smooth and successful project outcome.

At Pegotec, effective project management is crucial for delivering high-quality solutions that precisely meet our client’s needs. By overseeing the entire project lifecycle, we ensure a reliable and cutting-edge solution like e-Storage and provide our clients with a seamless project management experience.

Project Information
Project Start 2018 - ongoing
  • Developed for Android
  • Assessment of user needs and UI/UX requirements
  • Restful API
  • Integration of the PDA SDK
  • GPS tracking for data entry
  • All functionality is entirely offline available
  • Synchronization on the internet (Wi‐Fi or Mobile Data) availability
  • The app is using material design with native functionality
  • Easy navigation and easy usability
  • Barcode scanning functionality
  • Big Data analysis and structuring of consumer data
  • Data reporting functionality for accounting and user flow analyzes
  • Monitoring and executing the complete hosting
  • Training of application users and management
e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving 
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A cutting-edge digital storage

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving  e‑Storage for Business – Delahaye Moving 

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