Understanding User Needs and UI/UX Requirements

Pegotec proudly unveils the IMPEX Data Platform. It’s an innovative enterprise solution. The platform aims to transform the workflow of IMPEX Trading significantly. From 2020 to 2022, our dedicated team faced a challenge. We sought to digitize and optimize the trading system. The goal was to enhance the daily operations of IMPEX employees. We used modern technology and understood web-based applications well. Using these skills, we created an enterprise platform. It dramatically boosted efficiency, precision, and communication.

Central to our initiative was a profound understanding of user needs and UI/UX requirements. Consequently, our mission was to architect a user-centric enterprise solution. This solution had the potential to powerfully enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the IMPEX Trading system. Subsequently, we conducted rigorous business analyses. We zeroed in on users’ daily needs, challenges, and areas for improvement. As a result, we developed a system that digitized operations and upgraded their workflow. Ultimately, it became more streamlined and efficient.

Leveraging PHP/MySQL, Restful API, and Modern Frontend in the IMPEX Data Platform

The feature enhances seamless communication between the system and users. This allows the platform to deliver real-time data and timely updates, significantly boosting responsiveness and reliability. In addition to a solid backend, we developed a modern front end that is state-of-the-art for our web-based platform. This front end greatly enhances user experience and interaction and aligns with current best practices in digital design.

PIM 1 and PIM 2 of IMPEX Data Platform: Phases of Continuous Improvement

Embodying our commitment to continuous improvement, we developed PIM 1 and later introduced its significant upgrade, PIM 2. These iterative developments underscore our dedication to providing high-quality, scalable solutions. This can evolve with changing user needs and business landscapes. PIM 2, with its enhanced features and functionalities, showcases our ability to adapt and grow our solutions to keep pace with emerging market trends and client demands.

Successful Migration of Complex Data Matrix

One of the central achievements of our enterprise solution was the successful migration of a complex data matrix into an easy-to-use, functional digital workflow. Tackling this intricate task necessitated a delicate balance between maintaining data integrity and ensuring user accessibility and comprehension. Consequently, a digital workflow gave IMPEX employees a clear, organized overview of their orders. This provision simplified order tracking in an unprecedented way.

Comprehensive User Management System for the IMPEX Data Platform

Incorporating a comprehensive user management system became a crucial facet of our enterprise solution. This system empowers administrators to manage access rights and permissions, creating a secure environment for safeguarding sensitive information. Given the paramount importance of security in any trading platform, our solution subsequently offered robust security measures. Ultimately, these measures help to uphold the trust of IMPEX and its users.

Rigorous Project Planning, Successful Implementation, and Ongoing Maintenance

The IMPEX Data Platform resulted from our meticulous project planning and execution. It shines as a beacon of efficiency, accuracy, and improved communication. Thus, this enterprise solution truly empowers IMPEX. It enables them to cultivate stronger relationships with business partners and customers. Hence, it signifies a new era of digital excellence for the trading system.

Furthermore, beyond the successful implementation, Pegotec is unwavering in its commitment to providing ongoing hosting and maintenance services. It’s clear to us that our responsibility does not culminate in delivery. Indeed, it further guarantees the platform’s smooth operation and optimization.


The IMPEX Data Platform project stands as a significant milestone for Pegotec. Indeed, it underscores our proficiency in applying cutting-edge techniques to tackle business challenges. Consequently, this endeavor embodies our unwavering commitment to delivering top-tier services. Ultimately, it reinforces Pegotec’s reputation as a reliable provider of enterprise solutions.

Project Information
Project Start 2020 - 2023
  • Assessment of user needs and UI/UX requirements
  • Restful API
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Reactive Frontend
  • MySQL based web-application
  • Unit Testing
  • User management
  • Project planning
  • Training
  • Hosting & Maintenance
Project Screenshots

The enterprise web-based platform

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
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