Pegotec is a trailblazer in the mobile application development space, designing and implementing advanced and integrated solutions that boost operational efficiency and improve user experience. One of our proud contributions in this field is the Manila Base Crew app. Developed to streamline HR processes for seafarers, this innovative mobile app is a fine example of Pegotec’s commitment to efficiency, convenience, and user-friendliness.

An Application Tailored to Seafarers’ Needs

Available for Android and iOS platforms, the Manila base crew app combines a seamless user interface with a comprehensive suite of features. With an advanced API module in its core, the app encompasses Restful API, dynamic API management interface, API console, Socket API for chat, Socket API console, and push notification testing mechanisms for both iOS and Android platforms.

As a testament to our dedication to accessibility and inclusivity, although the app currently supports English, it has been designed to be easily convertible to multiple languages. This multilingual potential ensures the app can be adapted to cater to diverse user demographics.

Robust Administration and Real-time Synchronization

Our app incorporates a dynamic content management system managed through an admin panel that provides user role-based access. It operates on a single user-level model, focusing on the “Crew”. The real-time data synchronization with the server ensures promptness and accurate information sharing across devices.

Efficient Communication Channels

We have integrated Apple’s push notification system for iOS users and Android users’ Firebase Push Notification system. This dual notification mechanism guarantees timely alerts for all users, regardless of their platform of choice.

One standout feature of the Manila Base Crew app is its ticketing and messaging system. This innovative design enables seafarers to submit requests swiftly, automatically directing these to the relevant department for processing. It also provides a feedback channel, empowering employees to share their thoughts and suggestions.

The app supports attachments and document submissions, allowing HR agents to request records from employees in various formats. This smooth communication and document handling process significantly improves the efficiency of HR operations.

Reporting and Integration Capabilities

To help you monitor the app’s usage and impact, we’ve included a web portal for comprehensive reporting. Moreover, our app can easily integrate with existing communication software, ensuring seamless transition and use.

As part of our complete solution package, Pegotec provides training for application users. This training ensures that your crew can take full advantage of the app’s features, enhancing their productivity and satisfaction.

In Summary

The Manila Base Crew app is a reflection of Pegotec’s expertise in developing tailored, efficient, and user-friendly enterprise solutions. We invite you to download and experience this revolutionary tool that simplifies HR processes for seafarers and HR personnel alike.

Project Information
Project Start 2019
  • Developed for Android and iOS (using swift) both
  • Advance API module
  • Currently only available in English but easily convertible to multilingual
  • Dynamic content management from admin panel
  • User Role-based access to admin panel
  • Only one level of user in an app (Crew)
  • Realtime data synchronization with the server
  • Apple push notification (iOS) + Firebase Push notification (Android)
  • Ticketing and messaging system
  • Standard texts and images messages
  • Web portal for reporting of App usage
  • Integration of existing communication software
  • Training of application users
Manila Base Crew App 
Project Screenshots

The HR processes for seafarers

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Manila Base Crew App  Manila Base Crew App  Manila Base Crew App  Manila Base Crew App  Manila Base Crew App 

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