Assessing Functionality, Ensuring Data Security, and Recommending Software Solutions for CamLIS

Strengthening Cambodia’s Health System Through the CamLIS Assessment Project

Pegotec successfully executed the CamLIS Assessment project as part of the “Improving Social Protection and Health (ISPH)” initiative. This project aimed to enhance Cambodia’s social protection and health system, explicitly improving shock responsiveness, inclusiveness, and service quality. By conducting a comprehensive assessment of CamLIS, Pegotec contributed to the overall goal of strengthening Cambodia’s healthcare infrastructure and ensuring its readiness to respond to shocks and provide inclusive and high-quality services effectively.

Addressing Critical Needs and Enhancing Health Infrastructure

From October 2021 to September 2024, the ISPH project effectively addressed urgent requirements in Cambodia’s health system. By working closely with the Ministry of Health (MoH), Pegotec played a pivotal role in supporting the implementation of critical initiatives. These initiatives included optimizing the public laboratory system and CamLIS, thereby contributing to the overall enhancement of Cambodia’s healthcare infrastructure.

Optimizing CamLIS for Enhanced Performance of the CamLIS Assessment

Pegotec meticulously reviewed CamLIS modules, assessing the PHP CodeIgniter framework and the PostgreSQL database. In doing so, the assessment was conducted based on industry best practices, including guidelines provided by the OWASP Foundation. The primary objective was identifying technical issues hindering performance or compromised data security. Our comprehensive recommendations aimed to optimize the database structure, reduce redundancies, and improve overall system responsiveness.

Ensuring Data Security with Robust Measures

Addressing data security vulnerabilities was a priority for Pegotec. We proposed control measures such as encryption protocols, strengthened access controls, and regular security audits. Following OWASP guidelines, our goal was to establish a robust data security framework. This ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive information within CamLIS.

Broadening Perspectives: Recommending Alternative Software Solutions

In addition to the assessment and security recommendations, Pegotec provided valuable insights by suggesting alternative software solutions based on existing frameworks and software. We tailored these recommendations to address functional requirements and enhance the user experience, enabling the Ministry of Health to make informed decisions about CamLIS’s future development.

A Contribution to Cambodia’s Health System – The CamLIS Assessment

Pegotec’s successful execution of the CamLIS Assessment project significantly strengthened Cambodia’s health system. Our comprehensive assessment, security measures based on OWASP guidelines, and alternative software recommendations form the basis for an optimized laboratory information system that supports Cambodia’s healthcare efforts and improves public health outcomes.

Additionally, Pegotec actively collaborated with the technical team responsible for CamLIS during the assessment phase. We provided expert guidance, conducted workshops, and shared knowledge on best practices in software development and data security.
The collaborative approach ensured alignment between the recommendations, proposed solutions, the existing system’s capabilities, and the Ministry of Health’s long-term vision. Pegotec’s commitment to open communication and knowledge sharing fostered a strong partnership. That enabled the successful implementation of the CamLIS Assessment project.

Supported by The Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ)

Furthermore, we must acknowledge the BMZ’s support through the “Improving Social Protection and Health (ISPH)” initiative, which made the CamLIS Assessment project possible. The GIZ, a German development agency, was pivotal in facilitating this assessment and supporting the CamLIS system. The collaboration between GIZ, Pegotec, and the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Cambodia highlights the commitment to strengthening Cambodia’s health system. They want to improve the functionality and security of CamLIS, ultimately benefiting the nation’s healthcare infrastructure.

Project Information
Project Start 2023
  • Software Assessment
  • Security Assessment
  • Database Assessment

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