Cambodia SDG integrated platform CAMSTAT

Pegotec successfully executed the Cambodia SDG Integrated Platform project, aiming to develop data-sharing protocols between relevant government institutions. Additionally, the project supported the CAMSTAT platform using Stat Suite. Furthermore, it focused on SDG reporting, data management, and improving monitoring and reporting of SDG indicators.

Feasibility Assessment and Infrastructure Development:

Pegotec’s responsibilities included conducting a feasibility assessment, addressing infrastructure gaps, and coordinating data workflow processes. The project team collaborated closely with technical officers from participating UN agencies to ensure successful outcomes.

Data Sharing Feasibility Study: The feasibility study involved assessing the information technology infrastructure of selected ministries, reviewing data availability, and identifying local IT capacities for data management. Additionally, the team worked closely with technical officers to determine data architecture and workflows for effective data-sharing protocols.

Technical Recommendations and Implementation Plan:

Based on the assessment, Pegotec developed comprehensive technical recommendations for data-sharing protocols, considering IT capacities and other constraints. The team also devised an implementation plan and guidelines for enabling data sharing between relevant government institutions and the National Institute of Statistics (NIS).

Key Milestones integrated platform assessment:

Throughout the project, Pegotec delivered key milestones. This included an inception IT infrastructure report that reviewed existing documents, assessed infrastructure specifications, and proposed a framework supporting NIS and UNFPA-led data architecture and workflows. A technical documentation report and presentation outlined viable data-sharing technology solutions and provided a work plan for developing and implementing these solutions. A data-sharing roadmap was also developed to facilitate system development and data integration using SDMX standards.

Pegotec’s Expertise and Success for the integrated platform:

Pegotec’s team possessed extensive experience and qualifications. Moreover, they had expertise in software development, full-stack experience, and proficiency in back-end programming languages. Additionally, their in-depth knowledge of database management systems and industry experience in building large-scale systems were crucial. Furthermore, their fluency in English greatly contributed to the successful execution of the project.


The Cambodia SDG Integrated Platform project showcased Pegotec’s ability to provide comprehensive data-sharing solutions. It supported government institutions in achieving their SDG reporting and data management objectives, thereby contributing to sustainable development in Cambodia.

Pegotec’s successful research of the Cambodia SDG Integrated Platform project assessment was made possible with the generous support of international donors. Funding from organizations like the WFP (World Food Programme), UNDP, World Bank, and bilateral partners played a vital role in enhancing SDG reporting and data management in Cambodia. This collaboration exemplifies a shared commitment to achieving sustainable development goals and promoting data-driven policy-making.

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Project Start 2018
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