Enriching Consumer Experience: Pegotec’s CCF Online Portal

At Pegotec, our mission is to harness advanced technology for modern needs. A prime example of this commitment is our dynamic online portal for the Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation (CCF) initiative. This user-centered project solidifies our dedication to empowering consumers and fostering fair competition across the ASEAN region.

Project Synopsis: The ASEAN Consumer and Competition Portal

Commenced in August 2020 and concluded in April 2021, this project was conceived with a clear goal in mind – to provide a one-stop portal for consumers and businesses. Here, users can access essential resources related to consumer protection. Consequently, it simplifies the process of lodging complaints and aids businesses in understanding market access conditions. Also, it paves the way for the possible future inclusion of e-learning materials and an online dispute-resolution platform. Ultimately, all these efforts coalesce to establish a robust consumer protection system in the ASEAN region.

Ensuring Optimal User Experience

In all our endeavors at Pegotec, the user experience remains a paramount concern. This project was no different. Focusing on a user-friendly approach, we delivered a Consumer & Protection Portal that is both easy to navigate and rich in functionality. Therefore, it offers users streamlined access to critical resources, empowering consumers and businesses alike.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Features and Technologies

Employing WordPress CMS, we constructed a multi-language platform featuring a modern and intuitive interface. In doing so, we’ve ensured a smooth browsing experience across all devices. Thus, users can easily navigate the portal, lodge complaints, and access vital resources.

Additionally, we simplified the task of portal management. Straightforward processes allow for easy updates and uploads, keeping the platform up-to-date and dynamic.

Further, to provide an optimal user experience, we’ve incorporated visitor tracking and data analytics functionalities. As a result, we can monitor user behavior, refine our strategies, and continuously enhance the portal’s effectiveness.

Social Media Integration for Greater Engagement

Understanding the power of social media in today’s digital landscape, we’ve seamlessly integrated various social media channels into the Consumer & Protection Portal. Consequently, this broadens user engagement, expands the reach of information dissemination, and encourages more direct interaction with the user base.

Additional Features for Comprehensive Protection

The portal also boasts a news section, an online complaints form, a checklist for lodging complaints, guidance for businesses, and a product recalls database. Collectively, these features create a holistic and comprehensive online resource for consumer protection.

To sum up, our collaboration with the CCF initiative is a significant stride towards bolstering consumer protection and promoting fair competition in the ASEAN region. At Pegotec, our commitment to exploiting the potential of digital technology for innovative solutions remains unwavering.

Project Information
Project Start 08 / 2020 – 04 / 2021
  • WordPress CMS
  • Multi-Language
  • Modern And Intuitive Design
  • Easy Navigation And Completeness Of The Features (Frontend)
  • Easy Management And Maintenance For Regular Updates And Uploads (Backend)
  • Visual Appeal
  • On Phone And Tablet
  • Visitor Tracking And Data Analytics
  • Integration Of Social Media Channels
  • National Consumer Portal With Legal And Customer Information
  • News Section
  • Online Complaints Form And Checklist For Lodging Complaints
  • Guidance To Businesses
  • Product Recall Database
  • Product Recalls Announcements
Project Screenshots

National consumer protection and competition authorities

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF) Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF) Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF) Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF) Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF) Consumer Protection, Competition, and Fraud Representation Website (CCF)

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