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In the dynamic world of digital commerce, a potent web presence has become indispensable, especially for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Pegotec is proud to highlight its collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), a noteworthy venture that successfully bridges the gap between Cambodian SMEs and the flourishing online business landscape. Empowering Cambodian SMEs was the goal of this project.

Project Overview: National SME Information Website for Cambodia

Our project, the National SME information website for Cambodia, was brought to life with a core objective: creating an all-encompassing online platform tailored for Cambodian SMEs. The innovative website, an embodiment of the one-stop-shop concept, aims to be the cornerstone for SMEs aspiring to make their mark in Cambodia and beyond.

Leveraging WordPress CMS: A Multi-lingual Platform

Leveraging the versatility of WordPress CMS, we at Pegotec have developed a multi-lingual website capable of hosting diverse content formats like text, images, videos, and animations. The website is crafted in English and Khmer, ensuring it’s accessible to a broad audience. The digital assets are meticulously organized in an online database, with images and other file types stored securely in webspace.

User-centric Design and Collaboration

We’ve participated in every design stage, from interface to logo. We coordinated with all stakeholders during this process. Our goal was to reflect their specific needs. We also aimed to cater to the target audience’s preferences. Our approach is based on simplicity, clarity, and a modern aesthetic. User experience is always at the heart of our design process. As a result, the website has a user-friendly aura. It enables smooth navigation throughout the site. This encourages users to explore the available information and services.

A Reservoir of Resources for SMEs – Empowering Cambodian SMEs

The site is brimming with vital resources tailored to the needs of SMEs. It hosts practical and legal information, lists business service providers, and features an ever-growing database of events and training opportunities. Moreover, the platform disseminates valuable research studies, reports, and legal and general publications pertinent to SMEs operating within Cambodia and the ASEAN region.

Capacity Building and Analytics: Beyond Development

Our work does not end with development; we have also incorporated capacity training for administrators and editors to ensure the seamless management and upkeep of the site for regular updates and content uploads. The inclusion of visitor tracking and data analytics further empowers our clients to analyze and optimize user engagement and interactions.

Responsive Design and Striking Brand Aesthetics

The website boasts a responsive design, providing a seamless browsing experience on desktop and mobile devices. This commitment testifies to our dedication to keeping pace with the latest technology trends. A striking brand design further enhances the digital experience.

Conclusion: Empowering Cambodian SMEs with Digital Tools

Our collaboration with GIZ is noteworthy. It centers around the National KhmerSME information website. This signifies Pegotec’s unwavering commitment. We aim to empower businesses with the right digital tools. We have a passion for assisting SMEs. Our goal is to help them grow and prosper in their respective fields. We utilize our expertise for this purpose. We aim to foster a digitally inclusive environment. Ultimately, we strive for a prosperous business landscape.

Project Information
Project Start 2020
  • WordPress CMS
  • Multi-Language
  • Modern and intuitive design
  • Easy navigation and completeness of the features (frontend)
  • Easy management and maintenance for regular updates and uploads (backend)
  • Visual appeal also on phone and tablet
  • Visitor tracking and data analytics
  • The practical and legal information on Small and Medium Enterprise businesses
  • Publish and add business service providers
  • List and add events and training
  • Disseminates research studies reports and legal and general publications in the context of MSMEs in Cambodia and the ASEAN region
  • Capacity training for administrators and editors
Brand Design

Modern design and brand


Overall, the National SME information website for Cambodia provides a valuable resource for SMEs, helping them to grow and succeed in the business environment of Cambodia and the wider region. Capacity training for administrators and editors is also included to ensure the efficient management and maintenance of the website for regular updates and uploads.

Project Screenshots

The National SME information website for Cambodia

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ National SME information website for Cambodia – KhmerSME –  GIZ

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