Royal Cargo, a prominent logistics provider in the Philippines, recognized the importance of strengthening its online presence and adapting to the evolving needs of modern customers. Royal Cargo strategically partnered with Pegotec, a renowned web development agency, to achieve this objective. Together, they embarked on a mission to revamp Royal Cargo’s corporate website and create an online platform that would resonate with their target audience. This collaboration was driven by a shared vision to deliver intuitive, visually appealing, and mobile-friendly internet presents specifically tailored to showcase Royal Cargo’s comprehensive logistics services. By joining forces, Royal Cargo and Pegotec aimed to create an engaging online experience that would captivate and meet the expectations of their tech-savvy customers.

Project Overview

Pegotec took charge of the project, assuming full responsibility for overseeing the new website’s design, planning, and implementation. Additionally, the team seamlessly transferred the content from Royal Cargo’s outdated Joomla-based website to a cutting-edge WordPress system. During migration, Pegotec skillfully restructured and converted the existing content to fit into the new platform seamlessly. Leveraging their expertise, Pegotec ensured a smooth transition, resulting in a dynamic and fully administrable internet presence for Royal Cargo.

Website Highlights

The new website developed by Pegotec offers a wide array of features tailored to meet the needs of Royal Cargo’s customers. The platform boasts a user-friendly interface, facilitating effortless navigation and an enhanced user experience. The website also incorporates essential sections such as news and advisories, informing visitors about the latest industry updates.

One of the standout features of the website is the integrated Agent Directory, which enables clients to locate and connect with Royal Cargo’s agents conveniently. Customers can access relevant contact details and streamline their logistics requirements with a few clicks.

Optimized for Performance

Recognizing the importance of search engine visibility, Pegotec prioritized search engine optimization (SEO) during the website development process. The website achieves higher search rankings through meticulous optimization techniques, driving organic traffic and improving online visibility for Royal Cargo. Additionally, Pegotec implemented speed optimization measures to ensure fast loading times, enhancing user satisfaction and engagement.

Pegotec’s Role for Royal Cargo: In addition to the initial internet presence development, Pegotec continues to provide valuable support and services to Royal Cargo, ensuring the ongoing success of its online presence. As the trusted partner, Pegotec manages various aspects to maintain the website and optimize its performance.

Website Maintenance: Under a long-term service contract, Pegotec diligently assumes the responsibility of website maintenance. This involves ensuring the website remains up-to-date, secure, and fully functional. Pegotec achieves this by regularly updating the WordPress platform, themes, and plugins and promptly resolving any technical issues that may arise. By staying vigilant in website maintenance, Pegotec ensures a seamless user experience while minimizing disruptions that could potentially impact Royal Cargo’s online operations.

Hosting Management of the Royal Cargo Website

Pegotec manages the hosting for Royal Cargo’s website, ensuring reliable and efficient performance. Moreover, by leveraging its expertise in hosting management, Pegotec optimizes server configurations, implements robust security measures, and diligently monitors website uptime. As a result, Royal Cargo’s website remains accessible to visitors and delivers a seamless browsing experience. This proactive approach by Pegotec guarantees high reliability and user satisfaction, reinforcing Royal Cargo’s online presence as a trusted logistics provider in the Philippines.

SEO Optimization of the Royal Cargo Website

Pegotec’s commitment to optimizing Royal Cargo’s website for search engines goes beyond the initial development phase. Additionally, they continuously monitor and analyze website performance, identifying opportunities for improvement. By implementing effective SEO strategies, Pegotec enhances Royal Cargo’s online visibility and enables them to achieve higher search engine rankings. As a result, Royal Cargo can drive organic traffic and attract potential customers, solidifying its position in the market. Leveraging industry best practices, Pegotec ensures that Royal Cargo’s website remains optimized for maximum online exposure and business growth.

Content Updates and Expansion of the Royal Cargo Website

As Royal Cargo’s services, projects, and industry evolve, the need for website content updates and expansion arises. Pegotec collaborates closely with Royal Cargo to ensure the website reflects the latest information, news, and service offerings. Whether it involves adding new pages, updating existing content, or integrating new functionalities, Pegotec ensures that the website remains informative, engaging, and relevant.

Ongoing Support and Consultation

Pegotec maintains an open line of communication with Royal Cargo, providing ongoing support and consultation for their website needs. The dedicated team at Pegotec assists with any inquiries, offers guidance on website management, and provides recommendations further to enhance the website’s performance and user experience. Their expertise and proactive support contribute to Royal Cargo’s success in the digital landscape.


Through the collaboration with Pegotec, Royal Cargo successfully transformed its online presence with a dynamic and user-friendly website. Moreover, the optimized platform showcases its comprehensive logistics solutions, allowing customers to easily navigate and access vital information. With ongoing maintenance and support, Royal Cargo maintains and enhances its reputation as a premier logistics provider in the Philippines. The continuous partnership ensures that Royal Cargo remains backed by a robust and cutting-edge online presence.

Project Information
Project Start 2015 - ongoing
  • WordPress Content Management System
  • One language installed with the possibility of more
  • Speed optimized
  • HTML5 Standard
  • SEO optimized
  • Full administrative
  • More than 5000 single pages
  • News and advisory section
  • Integrated the Royal Cargo Agent Directory
Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website
Project Screenshots

Leading logistics provider in the Philippines

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website Royal Cargo: Enhancing Online Presence with a Dynamic Website

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