NCTF Website Launch: Trade Facilitation in Cambodia

Today, the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NCTF) in Cambodia has reached a significant milestone as it announces its new website. The launch, made possible by the joint funding from Germany and the EU and the collaboration of Pegotec, signifies a leap towards a digital revolution in NCTF’s stakeholder engagement.

ARISE Plus Cambodia Enhancing Economic Integration

Simultaneously, ARISE Plus Cambodia, a project bolstered by EU and German funding, is actively propelling Cambodia’s economic integration into ASEAN. Moreover, it diligently works to execute the AEC Blueprint 2025, bolster institutional capacity, and foster private-sector involvement. Interestingly, this website release closely correlates with the project’s focus on coordination of trade facilitation.

Effective communication with stakeholders is undoubtedly crucial to NCTF’s work. Therefore, to ensure their trade facilitation advancements are accessible, NCTF embarked on this website project, which is also a requirement by the Sub Decree that established the NCTF.

Web development specialist Pegotec was instrumental in developing this user-friendly digital platform. Pedro Gorrin Diaz, the Project Manager, highlighted the site’s unique design: a seamless blend of user experience and adaptability to NCTF’s varied audience needs.

GIZ’s financial support was critical in bringing this innovative project to life. As a result, they are now a major player in promoting Cambodia’s trade transparency and economic integration.

Harnessing Technology for Trade Transparency with the NCTF Website

The NCTF website launch marks a crucial step towards improving Cambodia’s trade transparency. The platform aims to offer regular updates on trade facilitation reforms, and importantly, it will be a valuable tool in keeping stakeholders informed and rallying their support to achieve full Trade Facilitation Agreement compliance.

The creation of the NCTF site involved harnessing advanced technology to develop an intuitive and engaging platform. Utilizing WordPress as its foundation, the website presents a modern design that beautifully merges functionality and user experience. One standout feature of the site is its multi-language support, catering to its diverse audience. Consequently, this ensures content is accessible and comprehensible to a broad user base. In conclusion, the effective use of these technologies illustrates NCTF’s commitment to a user-centric digital platform.

The NCTF website launch signifies a digital revolution in stakeholder engagement. It is possible by joint funding from Germany, the EU, and collaboration with Pegotec. With EU and German funding, ARISE Plus Cambodia actively propels Cambodia’s economic integration into ASEAN and executes the AEC Blueprint 2025. The website release aligns with the project’s focus on trade facilitation coordination. Effective communication with stakeholders is crucial, so NCTF embarked on this website project as required by the Sub Decree. Pegotec, the web development specialist, created a user-friendly platform blending user experience and adaptability. GIZ’s financial support was critical, promoting Cambodia’s trade transparency and economic integration. The NCTF website launch improves trade transparency, offering updates on facilitation reforms and rallying stakeholder support for compliance. Utilizing advanced technology, the site presents a modern design with multi-language support for a broad user base, demonstrating NCTF’s commitment to a user-centric platform.

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