May 1, 2023

Explosive Ordnance Mobile App – A Contribution to Humanitarian Mine Action

Pegotec has developed an Explosive Ordnance (EO) Identification Mobile App in partnership with Humanity & Inclusion, enhancing humanitarian mine action in the Mekong region. The app, part of the RIMA initiative, upgrades the UXO Reference Manual, aiming to increase UXO disposal safety by improving identification capabilities. Developed with Laravel and Flutter, the system comprises an administration web application and a mobile app for user-friendly EO navigation.

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March 1, 2023

Pegotec Successfully Completed the IMPEX PIM 2 Software Project

Pegotec celebrates the successful completion and launch of the IMPEX PIM 2 Software, a web-based data platform designed to streamline trading processes. This innovative software revolutionizes the workflow of offer management by providing an intuitive interface for inputting product sheets, initiating inquiries, and collecting factory quotations. The platform emphasizes collaboration, providing varied user rights for diverse contributors and global accessibility via any web browser. Built with the highest security standards, the IMPEX PIM 2 software assures users of data and workflow safety. Leveraging advanced technologies such as PHP 8, MySQL, Laravel, and API-driven development, this platform offers high performance, reliability, and integration capabilities, ready to meet the evolving needs of the trading industry.

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October 12, 2022

Enhancing Cambodia’s IDPoor Programme: Pegotec Was Involved

Pegotec has developed a mobile application for Cambodia’s IDPoor Programme, a critical poverty alleviation initiative. This app introduces new poverty measurement methods, improving data accuracy and subsequently the aid delivery process via “Equity Cards”. Collaborating with Cambodia’s Ministry of Planning, Mainlevel, and Web Essentials, and funded by international donors, Pegotec is significantly contributing to this crucial poverty alleviation program.

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October 2, 2021 Website Relaunch

Pegotec has successfully relaunched the website for their long-standing client, einfach geniessen, Munich’s eminent source for wine, whiskey, and champagne education. With a fresh and sophisticated look, the new website simplifies online booking for seminars, tastings, and workshops. Over a decade-long relationship, Pegotec has significantly contributed to einfach geniessen’s online operations, implementing SEO strategies to increase web traffic and expand the organization’s reach. Maintaining the site’s health, security, and efficiency, Pegotec continues to adapt it to evolving user needs and search engine requirements. The relaunch represents a significant milestone in this enduring relationship.

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September 1, 2021

Pegotec Proudly Developed the “AIP – Eco Safe Driving” Project

Driving Safety and Sustainability Combined: The “AIP – Eco Safe Driving” App Pegotec, a leading software development and consulting company, partners with AIP in the “AIP – Eco Safe Driving” project. They have developed a mobile app and backend infrastructure that integrates driving safety and sustainability into a powerful solution. Empowering Drivers for a Safer […]

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