Enhancing Cambodia’s IDPoor Programme: Pegotec Was Involved

Making a Big Difference

Pegotec is a well-known company helping improve a critical program in Cambodia called IDPoor. Our team, made up of skilled professionals, developed the mobile part of this program. We’re proud to be a part of this big project.

What We Do: Helping More than Just a Bit

Driven by our commitment to the nationwide IDPoor Programme, we’ve crafted an innovative mobile application for phones and tablets. Undeniably, this app is crucial for collecting and managing data from millions of Cambodians, thus representing a significant advancement in the program’s progress.

New Methods: Making Data Collection Better

Our team has put new ways of measuring poverty into the IDPoor Android and IOS apps. We’ve added new questions to make collecting data better and more accurate.

Looking at the Big Picture: A National Plan

The IDPoor program is a big part of the Cambodian Government’s plan to fight poverty. Since 2005, the government has been improving things for low-income families, mostly in rural areas. They’re getting help from other partners, like GIZ.

Making an Impact: Turning Knowledge into Action

After using the IDPoor process, low-income families get “Equity Cards”. These cards let them get help from the government and other groups. This is a crucial step in fighting poverty.

Working Together: Making Progress with Others

Pegotec is a global company. We’re happy to work closely with Cambodia’s Ministry of Planning and other partners. We’re also teaming up with Mainlevel, a respected group from Germany, and Web Essentials, a top company in Cambodia. By working together, we aim to make a big difference.

Saying Thanks: Recognizing Donors

The IDPoor program has done well because of donations to Cambodia. The German government, through GIZ, has given a lot of money and help. Other donors like the Australian Government, the European Commission, and UNICEF have also greatly helped. Their support is making life better for many people in Cambodia.

Pegotec is thankful to be involved with its contribution to enhancing Cambodia’s IDPoor Programme!

Since 2005, Cambodia’s Ministry of Planning has developed a standardized questionnaire and procedure to identify poor households in rural areas, with support from GIZ and other development partners such as the Australian Government, the European Commission, and UNICEF.

Pictures: Copyright – GIZ

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