Project Overview

In a strategic collaboration with GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), Pegotec took on the challenge of developing the IDPoor Photography Process App. This Android tablet application had one specific goal: to simplify the process of identifying impoverished households in Cambodia and support social protection initiatives.

Our Role and Contribution

At Pegotec, we designed an interface that was user-friendly and universally accessible. We needed the application simple enough for individuals with minimal technical skills to operate. Our team combined innovation and technical prowess to create a robust application that performs reliably under varied network conditions. The app effectively captures images of IDPoor beneficiaries and efficiently synchronizes them with the national database, providing real-time data accessibility.

Technical Features and Advancements of the IDPoor Photography Process App

Committed to delivering a high-performing application, Pegotec integrated several advanced technological features into the Android mobile app. We used socket-encrypted one-way communication to guarantee data security and privacy. We included offline maps to enable functionality in remote areas. Acknowledging inconsistent network conditions nationwide, we devised a unique online/offline synchronization feature for uninterrupted operation. Additionally, we added central push notifications, a fingerprint scanner for quick access, and picture optimization features to enhance the user experience.

Impact and Social Change

The IDPoor app represents a breakthrough not just technologically but also as a powerful tool for social change. The app plays a key role in enhancing Cambodia’s National Social Protection Policy Framework by simplifying the identification of impoverished households. It also bolsters efforts to achieve universal health coverage across the nation.

Reflection and Future Prospects on the IDPoor Photography Process App

Undeniably, the IDPoor Photography Process App project embodies Pegotec’s commitment to harnessing technology for societal impact. Not only does it display our ability to design and deliver innovative solutions, but it also underscores our knack for creating effective solutions with far-reaching implications.

As a team, we take great pride in our partnership with GIZ on this initiative. This successful collaboration has yielded an impactful application and reinforced our resolve to develop socially conscious technological solutions.

Looking ahead, we eagerly anticipate future opportunities that will allow us to apply our technological expertise for meaningful change. With each new project, we strive to leave a significant mark on society, highlighting the power of technology in addressing some of the most pressing social issues.

Project Information
Project Start 2016
  • Developed for Android
  • Socket-encrypted one-way communication
  • Offline maps
  • Online/Offline synchronization functionality
  • Central push notifications
  • Fingerprint scanner functionality
  • Picture taking functionality
  • Picture optimization functionality

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