COVID-19 Extension in IDPoor App

Pegotec was developing a COVID-19 extension to the IDPoor App for Enhanced Relief Measures in Cambodia

In the face of the daunting COVID-19 outbreak, Pegotec and its partners from Web Essentials, a renowned tech company, have promptly sprung into action and started supporting Cambodia. Recognizing the urgent need, it has innovatively repurposed the existing IDPoor app, turning it into a lifeline for families affected by the crisis across Cambodia.

Immediately after the pandemic hit, a dynamic team with a clear sense of urgency redesigned an application as a COVID-19 Relive App that initially served to register Cambodia’s less fortunate populace. As a result, this transformed application acted as a crucial support system for families grappling with the harsh impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Innovative Technology: A Powerhouse for Volunteer Support, Optimizing Aid Delivery

Not content with repurposing the mobile app, Pegotec and Web Essentials went further. The team also refined the app’s functionality to assist government volunteers by providing real-time data about needy families. Thanks to this innovative use of technology, Pegotec ensures that the aid distribution targets those most in need, effectively mitigating the circumstances of the direst straits.

IDPoor COVID-19 Relive App: An Effective Digital Platform

By building the Lifeline COVID-19 Relive App on its groundbreaking IDPoor system, Pegotec and Web Essentials have created a vital digital support database. During these challenging times, the system’s value shines brighter than ever, expediting relief efforts. It was channeling them precisely where they matter most.

Pegotec Teams Up with GIZ: Quick Action Saves Lives

Showcasing the strength of teamwork, Pegotec partnered with Germany’s GIZ for the COVID-19 Relive app. Impressively, they crafted an emergency tool in just two weeks. This highlights the power of collaborative efforts in crisis management.

In these challenging times, Pegotec’s technology goes beyond providing solutions. It also strengthens resilience among Cambodia’s most vulnerable families amidst the COVID-19 crisis.

In the face of adversity, Pegotec’s innovative technology is not just creating solutions, it’s empowering resilience for Cambodia’s most vulnerable families amid the COVID-19 crisis.

Making a Real Impact: Aid Reaches Families in Need

The partnership between Pegotec, Web Essentials, and GIZ isn’t just about a shared mission but tangible results. Additionally, through their combined efforts, they’ve successfully registered over 60,000 households for assistance. Moreover, this impressive accomplishment underscores the profound, life-altering impact that technology and commitment can bring, even amidst daunting adversity.

Pegotec was developing the COVID-19 extension to Cambodia’s IDPoor App for Enhanced Relief Measures.

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