Pegotec & GIZ Launched “Our Rights – Labor Law in Cambodia App”

GIZ and Pegotec Introduce “Our Rights – Labor Law in Cambodia App”

GIZ and Pegotec collaboratively launched the groundbreaking Our Rights mobile app. Developed by Pegotec, this essential resource empowers Cambodian garment factory workers with a comprehensive understanding of their rights, duties, and labor laws. Everyone can download it for Android and iOS devices.

Empowering Workers Through Knowledge

GIZ, the driving force behind the project, organized an online launch meeting on March 10, 2021, in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. During the meeting, Dr. Günter W. Riethmacher, GIZ Country Director for Cambodia, highlighted the significance of this digital tool in empowering workers and equipping them with valuable knowledge.

Coordinated Launch Event

The meeting was skillfully moderated by Ms. Mirjam Marquard, Coordinator of Social and Labour Standards at GIZ FABRIC. She provided valuable insights into the Our Rights App’s development process, objectives, and content. Additionally, the voice of the workers was effectively represented by Dork Savan, President of the Cambodian Alliance of Trade Unions (CATU).

Diverse Participation

The gathering included representatives from organizations and companies in the garment industry and stakeholders from the Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training. Leading global apparel brands actively participated, demonstrating their commitment to supporting workers’ rights in Cambodia.

Enhancing Workers’ Awareness with the Our Rights App

Firstly, During the launch event, it was emphasized to ensure that workers, especially women, are well-informed about their rights, income calculations, working conditions, and negotiation strategies. The app’s user-friendly interface and easy installation cater to Cambodia’s widespread use of mobile phones, making it highly accessible.

We benefit greatly from the Our Rights app! We are delighted that it makes information available to everyone at every level. It is very important to us that the textile workers know their rights and that compliance of the rights is further strengthened through trainings. The app helps workers find their voice!

Thoem Tha, Worker representative, Sun Hsu

Recognition for GIZ and Pegotec

Secondly, Participants expressed high praise for GIZ, recognizing the organization’s pivotal role in promoting labor rights in Cambodia through innovative digital solutions. Additionally, they acknowledged and appreciated Pegotec’s instrumental role in the Our Rights App’s design, development, and hosting. GIZ’s commitment and Pegotec’s expertise and dedication have been invaluable in successfully realizing this project.

A Catalyst for Change

Furthermore, the “Our Rights” app can significantly impact Cambodia’s garment sector, reflecting GIZ’s ongoing efforts to empower and protect workers’ rights. Pegotec’s partnership has been instrumental in creating a robust, user-friendly application that bridges the knowledge gap among Cambodian workers.

In conclusion, the collaboration between GIZ and Pegotec has resulted in a transformative digital tool, which is pivotal in enhancing labor rights and promoting a fair working environment in Cambodia’s garment industry.

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technologies of the Our Rights App

Additionally, developers utilized cutting-edge technologies to create the “Our Rights” app, ensuring a seamless user experience. To build the application’s robust back-end infrastructure, Pegotec leveraged PHP8, an efficient programming language. This deliberate choice ensures secure data management and efficient processing of user interactions.

Regarding front-end development, Pegotec opted for Flutter, a popular cross-platform framework. Using Flutter, they created a visually appealing and intuitive user interface that seamlessly functions on Android and iOS devices. This approach guarantees a consistent user experience across different platforms.

To enable real-time updates and smooth integration with external systems, the Our Rights Mobile App relies on utilizing APIs. These APIs facilitate the seamless data exchange, ensuring workers can access up-to-date information regarding labor laws and rights.

The Our Rights app also embraces reactive programming principles, providing a responsive and interactive user interface. Reactive programming frameworks like ReactiveX enable real-time notifications, dynamic content updates, and a smooth user experience.

The combination of PHP8, Flutter, APIs, and reactive programming technologies has resulted in a powerful and user-friendly application. It empowers Cambodian garment workers with knowledge of their rights and responsibilities, setting a new standard for digital tools that enhance labor rights awareness.

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