IDPoor Program in Cambodia: A Glimpse

Before we delve into our project details, let’s shed some light on the IDPoor Program in Cambodia. Initiated by the Royal Government of Cambodia in 2006, this national program plays an essential role. It effectively identifies households living in poverty to ensure targeted delivery of social assistance. Acting on this mission, data collection teams tirelessly traverse rural and urban areas. They conduct comprehensive poverty assessments, which are the foundation for subsequent aid. The gathered data subsequently feeds into a comprehensive national database. Consequently, this process enables accurate and efficient allocation of resources to those who need them the most. The IDPoor program forms a critical part of Cambodia’s fight against poverty. Moreover, it is the backdrop for our innovative application, the Public IDPoor App.

Project Overview of the Public IDPoor App

Pegotec, an innovative technology solutions provider, presents the Public IDPoor App. Built using the versatile Flutter framework and efficient Dart language, this ground-breaking mobile application represents Pegotec’s commitment to social change. The app stands as a significant milestone in Cambodia’s fight against poverty.

Vision and Objectives

Our team at Pegotec developed the Public IDPoor App with a clear vision of social transformation. We aimed to use our technological expertise to identify impoverished and vulnerable families in Cambodia, ensuring aid reaches those in most need. We aspired to create an application that combines advanced technology with far-reaching social impact.

Celebrating Achievements

The Public IDPoor App has garnered widespread recognition since its launch. It is celebrated for its potential to drive real change and user-friendly interface. The Minister of Planning, Senior Minister Chhay Thorn, highlighted its value during the unveiling ceremony, praising its seamless integration with Cambodia’s national poor household database.

The Technical Journey: Pegotec’s Contribution to the Public IDPoor App

Our team at Pegotec leveraged the Flutter framework and Dart language in the app’s development. We selected these technologies for their versatility and cross-platform functionality. This strategic decision allowed us to create an application that could serve iOS and Android users.

The application features a custom Machine-Readable Zone (MRZ) scanner. Our team integrated various components, including the Tesseract APIs to read text from camera frames and the Fotoapparat library to capture these frames. This innovative solution underlines Pegotec’s commitment to using advanced technologies for social benefit.

Another key feature is the QR Code scanner, developed for scanning EC codes. This feature enhances the application’s versatility and user-friendliness. Our team also designed custom-built forms that adjust based on JSON details, streamlining the identification process for vulnerable families.

Navigating Challenges: Partnerships and Support

The journey of developing the Public IDPoor App was challenging. However, support from international organizations like the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Australian Aid, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) helped us overcome obstacles. Their financial aid and technical expertise guided us through the socio-economic complexities unique to Cambodia.

Looking Ahead: Future Directions of the Public IDPoor App

For Pegotec, launching the Public IDPoor App is the start of a journey. We see this application as more than a tech product – it represents hope for a more inclusive future. Our team is actively refining the app’s features, taking into account user feedback and insights.

In collaboration with international organizations and the Cambodian government, Pegotec remains committed to using technology for societal good. We eagerly anticipate opportunities to impact and foster inclusive growth positively.

In conclusion, the Public IDPoor App showcases Pegotec’s ethos – leveraging advanced technology for the greater good. Celebrating the app’s success, we look forward to new challenges and opportunities to continue transforming lives through innovative technological solutions.

Project Information
Project Start 2022-2023
  • Flutter framework
  • Dart language
  • MRZ scanner based
  • Tesseract APIs to read text from Camera frame
  • Fotoapparat library to read camera frames
  • QR Code scanner for scanning EC codes
  • Forms which is customisable and renders based on details from JSON
Project Screenshots

Effectively identifies households living in poverty

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia Public IDPoor App for Cambodia

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