A Vision for Transformation

Pegotec, a leader in innovative digital solutions, is proud to unveil a recent success story – the revitalization of Level Consulting AG’s online presence. Our task was to upgrade their existing Content Management System (CMS) and enhance the website’s aesthetics to align with modern digital trends. This case study exemplifies how Pegotec effectively utilizes cutting-edge technology, including WordPress and HTML5, to deliver unparalleled website solutions.

Building the Bridge – Migrating to a New CMS

Level Consulting AG, a renowned consulting enterprise, desired an enhanced online presence and a more streamlined content management process. Recognizing the evolving digital landscape, they sought a CMS upgrade to simplify their website’s usability while incorporating a fresh, mobile-responsive design. Our experienced team rose to the challenge, embarking on a mission to migrate the entire content from the old CMS to a new, efficient, user-friendly system.

Enhancing Brand Identity with Unified CMS

Incorporating all sub-brands of Level Consulting into the same CMS was a pivotal part of this transformation. Each sub-brand maintained its unique style and design, most of which utilized a multi-language approach. We created a system where administrators could seamlessly translate the content within the CMS, highlighting our commitment to user-friendly platforms.

Powering Through Technology

Various technologies were utilized to enhance the website’s functionality and performance. We established a solid, customizable platform by implementing a WordPress website structure. The new website design is not only modern but also mobile-friendly, catering to the rising trend of mobile-first design. Moreover, the multi-brand installation ensured a unified yet distinctive presence for Level Consulting AG’s sub-brands.

Prioritizing Speed and SEO

Understanding the importance of website speed and its impact on user experience and SEO ranking, we diligently worked on enhancing the site’s speed. This resulted in a top-performing, SEO-optimized digital platform.

Incorporating HTML5 Standard

HTML5 standard was incorporated to ensure the website is future-proof, scalable, and adaptable to emerging web technologies. Hosting support, business analyses, and ongoing maintenance were also part of our comprehensive service offering.

The Result – A Testament to Pegotec’s Expertise

The journey started in 2019, and today we proudly share the results of this collaborative endeavor. The revamped Level Consulting AG’s website is a testament to our commitment and ability to deliver top-tier, innovative web solutions. This project further solidifies Pegotec’s standing as a leading web solution provider.


In conclusion, the transformation of Level Consulting AG’s website exemplifies Pegotec’s relentless pursuit of digital excellence. We are here to elevate your digital presence by leveraging our expertise in WordPress and multi-language website design, coupled with our commitment to creating mobile-friendly, SEO-optimized websites. Experience the Pegotec difference today!

Project Information
Project Start 2019 
  • WordPress Website
  • Multi-Language Website
  • Modern and mobile-friendly design
  • Multi-brand installation
  • Speed optimized
  • SEO optimized
  • HTML5 Standard
  • Hosting support
Level Consulting AG Website 
Project Screenshots

A more modern and up-to-date version

Pegotec Testimonials
Pegotec Testimonials
Level Consulting AG Website  Level Consulting AG Website  Level Consulting AG Website  Level Consulting AG Website  Level Consulting AG Website  Level Consulting AG Website 

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