Top 10 Web Design Trends to Watch in 2023: The Future of UX/UI


As we enter 2023, the digital landscape continues to evolve, ushering in many web design trends that set the tone for user experiences. From embracing self-indulgence with ‘Goblin Mode’ to optimizing e-commerce platforms, we’ll delve into what’s shaping the future of web design.

1. Embracing ‘Goblin Mode’ in Web Design

The term’ Goblin Mode’ skyrocketed in popularity, reflecting a culture that revels in self-indulgence and veers away from traditional norms. This emerging trend impacts not just lifestyle but also UX/UI design. Websites increasingly ignore best practices to present unique, brand-centric designs, often at the expense of accessibility. Whether you love or loathe this disruptive trend, it’s influencing web design in ways that can’t be ignored.

2. The Return to Simplicity

On the opposite end, minimalistic design is making waves. Rooted in simplicity, this design philosophy demands a certain level of design maturity. A minimalist site uses streamlined typography, muted color schemes, and pared-down illustrations. The aim is to offer a serene, user-centric experience, distinguishing it from competitor websites crammed with content.

3. Enriching User Journey with ‘Hyper-Delights’

Forget about functionality; the latest web design trends emphasize delightful user experiences. Think of animated cursors or joyfully crafted easter eggs that engage users, making the web experience more of an adventure than a set of connected pages.

4. The E-Commerce Experience Gets Tangible

With technology bridging the gap between virtual and physical experiences, e-commerce sites offer near-tangible experiences. From interactive product displays to 3D animations, web designers are focusing on mimicking the sensory nuances of in-store shopping.

5. AI Integration in Web Design

AI is no longer a thing of the future; it’s here and transforming web design. Tools like ChatGPT simplify content creation, while advanced AI algorithms revolutionize image creation and UX design. While AI won’t replace human designers, it serves as a formidable tool in the creative process.

6. Nostalgia in Digital Design

As we celebrate 20 years of WordPress, nostalgic design elements like pixel art, intense colors, and retro arcade influences show a noticeable resurgence. This trend is an antidote to the relentless pace of digital advancements, offering a comforting return to simpler times.

7. The Role of Motion Design

As attention spans dwindle, motion design emerges as a critical element in grabbing user attention. Expect unconventional animations and intricate motion graphics to keep users engaged for longer.

8. The Print Aesthetic in Digital Layouts

With more sites embracing unconventional typographic layouts, it’s apparent that the aesthetic allure of printed material still holds sway. This trend breathes new life into text-centric web designs, offering dynamic visual experiences.

9. A Renewed Focus on Accessibility

As web creators, we have a social responsibility to make the internet more inclusive. This year, expect a stronger emphasis on accessibility in web design, encompassing everything from color contrast to keyboard navigation.

With social media platforms allowing only one external link, the ‘Link in Bio’ pages are conduits between social profiles and multiple other platforms. However, these are often basic and underutilized. As designers realize their full potential, expect to see more elaborate and interactive ‘Link in Bio’ pages.


In summary, the year 2023 is poised to be a transformative one in the realm of web design. From embracing subcultures like ‘Goblin Mode’ to revisiting simplicity in design, this year’s trends span a wide range of styles and philosophies. Technology continues to play a vital role, whether in AI integration or creating almost tangible e-commerce experiences. However, there’s also a renewed focus on human-centric design, emphasizing accessibility and user delight. These trends are not just passing fancies but indicators of the future of UX/UI.

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