Flutter in Mobile Application: The Pegotec Experience

Introduction to Flutter

Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit (SDK) created by Google. It was introduced to the world in 2017 to build a framework that could help create beautiful, natively compiled mobile, web, and desktop applications from a single codebase. Flutter allows developers to create high-quality, interactive user interfaces for multiple platforms.

Flutter in Mobile Application uses the Dart programming language, also developed by Google. Dart is a robust language known for its ease of learning, fast execution, and object-oriented approach. The combination of Dart and Flutter creates a powerful toolset for developers to craft applications efficiently.

Flutter in Mobile Application and Pegotec

As an innovative mobile application development company, Pegotec has always stayed ahead of the curve by employing technologies that can deliver the best user experience. This commitment led Pegotec to Flutter. With Flutter, Pegotec has been able to streamline its development process, reduce costs, and increase efficiency.

Pegotec’s use of Flutter has had several advantages:

1. Single Codebase: Using a single codebase for both iOS and Android applications significantly reduces development time. It means that developers only need to write code once, yet they can create applications for multiple platforms. This feature alone has helped Pegotec cut its development time by up to half, enabling them to deliver projects faster.

2. UI Consistency: Flutter’s ‘widget’ system offers consistent and compelling UI across different platforms. This system allows the team at Pegotec to maintain the same look and feel of the app on different platforms, ensuring brand consistency for their clients.

3. Hot Reload: The hot reload feature is a time-saver for developers, allowing them to instantly view the changes in code on emulators, simulators, and hardware. The immediate feedback loop leads to higher productivity and efficiency, making the development process much smoother at Pegotec.

4. Customizable and Extensible: Flutter’s wide range of widgets and extensive customization capabilities empower Pegotec developers to craft unique experiences for their clients. Regardless of the complexity or uniqueness of the project, the team can create an app that perfectly matches their client’s vision.

The Pegotec Advantage for Customers with Flutter in Mobile Application

When Pegotec develops applications using Flutter, the benefits directly extend to their clients and the users of the applications.

1. Faster Time to Market: Since Flutter enables faster development, clients can have their applications up and running in the market more quickly. This speed can offer a competitive advantage, especially in markets where being first can make a significant difference.

2. Cost-Effective: With a single codebase serving multiple platforms, clients save on development costs. They no longer need to hire separate teams for iOS and Android, reducing both initial development and ongoing maintenance costs.

3. Consistent User Experience: Users enjoy a consistent and seamless experience across different platforms thanks to Flutter’s widget system. This consistency can increase user satisfaction and contribute to a positive brand image.

4. High Performance: Flutter compiles to native code, which means the apps run smoothly and fast on all platforms. High-performance apps lead to better user engagement, retention, and, ultimately, success in the market.


Flutter has revolutionized how Pegotec develops mobile applications, leading to substantial benefits for both the company and its clients. By adopting Flutter, Pegotec has demonstrated its commitment to efficient, high-quality, and innovative app development. For customers, this translates into cost-effective, high-performing, and beautifully designed apps that deliver a seamless user experience across multiple platforms.

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