GoodOldSister – An Android Game for Contraception Education

Welcome to GoodOldSister, an engaging smartphone game designed for Android devices. Developed by Pegotec, this innovative game aims to empower sisters as knowledgeable mentors, offering valuable advice on the correct use of contraception to their younger siblings and friends. Through a series of daily contraception-related questions, players earn points for correct responses, while informative messages provide explanations for the correct answers. GoodOldSister, a collaboration between CARE Cambodia and Pegotec, ensures an educational and entertaining experience, fostering responsible contraceptive practices and empowering sisters to make informed decisions.

The GoodOldSister Gameplay Heading: Empowering Sisters to Become Contraception Experts

In GoodOldSister, the objective is to become the best “old sister” by providing accurate advice on contraception. GoodOldSister presents players with a new question related to contraception topics on a daily basis. By answering correctly, players earn points, reinforcing their knowledge and understanding. Furthermore, informative messages are provided to explain the correct answers, ensuring continuous learning and growth.

Fostering Responsible Contraceptive Practices Heading: Building Strong Foundations for Contraception Awareness

The goal of GoodOldSister is not only to earn points but also to promote responsible contraceptive practices. By actively engaging in the game and proactively sharing accurate advice with their little sisters and friends, players not only enjoy the experience but also become strong advocates for responsible decision-making. Through the empowering platform of GoodOldSister, individuals can build strong foundations for contraception awareness. It is also enabling sisters to make informed choices and fostering the adoption of healthy practices.

Developed by Pegotec Heading: The Expertise Behind the Game

Pegotec, a leading technology company specializing in app development, has meticulously developed GoodOldSister. Leveraging its expertise in creating user-friendly and engaging experiences, Pegotec has crafted an intuitive and visually appealing game. Moreover, the Android platform offers seamless compatibility, guaranteeing players an enjoyable and optimized gaming experience. With state-of-the-art design, Pegotec delivered an outstanding app to Care Cambodia.

CARE Cambodia and Pegotec collaborated to create GoodOldSister, a game that effectively promotes contraception awareness and behavioral change. By leveraging CARE Cambodia’s extensive expertise in reproductive health and seamlessly combining it with Pegotec’s impressive technical prowess, GoodOldSister stands as a powerful tool. Through the seamless integration of domain knowledge and technical innovation. This fruitful collaboration is actively making a significant impact, thus paving the way for a brighter future for all.

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